Don’t Worry – God’s always on time.

Don’t Worry – God’s always on time.

Don’t Worry – God’s always on time.

I just found this bible verse. How spot on could it possibly be? We rush everything. But what we really need to do is trust in God’s timing.

Yeah, Yeah… I know what you’re thinking.

It’s insanely difficult to live a normal human life without wishing that something would happen on our command. You know why? Partly, because we live in an on-demand, instant – youcanhaveanything via uber eats – society. We’re almost conditioned that way in the environment and times in which we live.

The other part, is that we doubt.

 Life is hard, but there is a time and a place for everything. – Ecclesiastes 8:6

These days people struggle with the idea of our lives being predestined. And trust me, I totally get it. With sh*t falling and burning to the ground all around us – it’s kinda hard to ignore the fact that we’re in the end times.
But hear me out: If we were to believe in God as the creator, then we must also believe that He knows the beginning and end of each life that He has created. Just as, an inventor creates a product or a solution with an intention. You never hear of someone inventing a thingamujig. Like hey? What’s that? “Oh that’s a whatyamacallit.”

Nah. God knows exactly what He has for you.

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